King of the Chick Flick

I think Quentin Tarantino has finally inched ahead and snatched that tiara off Pedro Almodovar’s head – Tarantino is reigning king of the chick flick!  Many people have given me puzzled looks when I’ve declared my preference for Tarantino’s ‘chick flicks’ over his earlier output.  I believe any film dishing out a goodly helping of pleasure to female viewers qualifies as a chick flick.  All of Almodovar’s early films and some of his recent ones are chick flicks.  Tarantino’s chick flicks include KILL BILL 1 and 2, DEATH PROOF, and now INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.  They offer something extraordinary to women viewers – the opportunity to revel in their violent fantasies.  There are so few places in culture where women’s violent urges are acknowledged and it’s a real comfort to have these films as an outlet.  One reason these movies work so well is because the women are survivors.  Many of them have overcome violation or physical attacks.  They aren’t riot grrls ranting on about their petty outrage.  They are powerful women out to avenge every circumstance where they were underestimated [by a man].  Most excellent!  What woman can’t relate to that on some level?

Most importantly, they are fun!  Why is it that mediocre weepies have been the mainstream definition of women’s pictures?  The gals I know are enchanted by a fast car and a stylish  catsuit as much as the next feminist.  Thank you, Tarantino!  But thank you most of all for giving us a lady projectionist!  And in a pretty gown, no less!  I’m a film geek who will love you for incorporating nitrate film and vintage projectors into your movie theater fantasy.  But I’m also a projectionist wondering if my next gig will, finally, be the first that I work in heels.


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